Greetings Mediators

Greetings interested District of Colorado professional mediator –

As you are aware, the U.S. District Court for the District of Colorado chose, in December 2011, to move away from routinely provided settlement conferences presided over by the Magistrate Judges, in favor of an “Early Neutral Evaluation” offering; in essence, privatizing mediated resolutions. As part of its effort to continue to make ADR accessible in the federal trial court, the District Court invited the Faculty of Federal Advocates (“FFA”) to assemble and maintain a volunteer roster of eligible neutrals for use by the public. The roster is intended to be fully searchable and the link to the roster will be prominently available on the court’s website.

Eligibility criteria are few: certification that you are an active member of a state Bar Association in the United States, and annual submission to FFA of a $25 maintenance fee (no pro rata rate) to maintain and improve the website. Neither the Federal District Court nor the FFA will supervise, approve, or in any way monitor or manage the participants on the site. Any supervision or discipline would come only through the individual mediator’s Bar Association or professional society.

An application form may be found HERE. Once processed, you will receive encrypted access to your portion of the site. There is only minimal monitoring of the site, and only the site administrator has access to what you submit.

We invite you to join the growing community of federal court mediators in Colorado.

Greg Whitehair