Federal Government as a party

Edward Patrick Timmins

As a trial attorney with the U.S. Department of Justice, and later in private practice, I have litigated cases throughout the country in federal and state court, and before arbitral tribunals. I have participated in hundreds of mediations. Many achieved a resolution of the case, some did not. From this experience, I know what is required for a mediation, and a mediator, to be successful.


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Jonathan L. Miller

Jonathan L. Miller, Attorney at Law. I have had 20 years experience in litigation and transactional law. I hold a patent license. With degrees in physics, sociology, policy and some biology, I can deal with scientific matters. Past experience includes, tort, contract, patent, trademark, copyright transactions and litigation as well as experience with misdemeanor criminal and also a Miller Act federal case at the USAF Academy. As a mediator I have facilitated and mediated restorative justice and mediation disputes.


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