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Tyler Meade

Tyler Meade founded Presidio ADR a year ago to mediate complex cases nationwide due to dissatisfaction with the limited existing options. With a calm, even-handed approach, he has mediated and resolved a broad array of disputes since then.


Presidio ADR, LLC
Mediating complex cases nationwide.
Phone: 415-393-5454

Samuel Martin Ventola

I have a wide variety of experience in litigation, legal education, and mediation. I have been an attorney on both sides in business litigation, employment disputes, probate litigation, and personal injury cases. In addition to being an attorney, I have been a mediator, hearing officer, labor relations professor, and lecturer on litigation, employment, and First Amendment issues. I completed the CBA – CLE 40 Hour Mediation Training and I am an arbitrator and mediator for the Denver Better Business Bureau.

To reduce time and stress, my firm offers online scheduling for dispute resolutions:


Ventola Mediation
1775 Sherman Street Suite 1650
80203 Denver, CO
United States
Phone: 3038649797
Fax: 3034966161


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