Federal Government as a party

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Federal Government Prime and Subcontracts; Miller Act Claims; Federal Tort Claims Act; Government claims and issues -federal, state, and local; complex contracts and claims; First Amendment claims and issues; state legislator


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Beth Brown Ornstein

Beth founded Colorado Mediation Center, LLC (CMC) in 2000. As the manager of CMC, she provides mediation, arbitration, mediation-arbitration, training, and facilitation services for individuals and organizations. She is qualified by the Mediation Association of Colorado as a Professional Mediator. Beth is also a Colorado Department of Transportation Dispute Resolution Board Member. She co-mediates environmental matters with Peter Ornstein, former EPA Deputy Regional Counsel.

As a private attorney, Beth has practiced contract, criminal, business and family law. As an attorney for the District of Columbia, she litigated contracts disputes and criminal matters and provided legal advice regarding contract, administrative and personnel matters. She also clerked for the HUD and DOE Contract Appeals Boards.


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